The Oslo Series 84 Motorised Curtain Tracking system is designed to make life easy. With fashionable glass faced remotes and a powerful 100-kilogram operating capacity, this is the go-to motorised tracking system.

Usage – Motorised Tracking – for conventional & S-Wave curtains
Colour – White
Control – Radio Remote Control, C-Bus, Home Automation, CAT5, Dry Contact Traverse One way or Centre Open
Brackets – Face & Ceiling fix
Bending – 330mm radius bends & continuous curves
Construction – Extruded aluminium, powder coated
Motors – 240 volt with electronic limits
Dimensions – 34 x 22 mm

Compatible with both standard and S wave curtain headings, the Oslo Series 84 is bent in house to a 330mm radius or custom bent with continues curves. Templates are required for continues bends.

Remotes feature Dual Control. This means a single channel remote will operate both the sheer and block out (or any two tracks) independently. Each channel can also control up to 20 tracks simultaneously. 15 channel dual control (30 independently controlled tacks on the one remote) and timer remotes area also available.

The motors feature automatic setting electronic limits and power-off manual operation meaning curtains aren’t stuck open or closed if there isn’t power. The 3 – core motor also comes with built in radio receiver compatible with a range of transmitters (remote) and Soft Touch Start where the motor automatically is activated by pulling the curtain open or closed. Both the 3–core and 4–core motors can integrate with automation systems such as C-Bus, Dynalite and Control4, 3-core via RJ11 plug and 4-core via hardwiring.


  • 100-kilogram operating capacity.
  • Electronic limits.
  • Soft Touch Start (3-core).
  • Built in Radio Receiver (3-core).
  • Power off manual operation.
  • Dual Control Remotes.
  • In house bending, degree and radial.
  • Conventional and S-Wave runners.
  • 5 year warranty on motors.


Series 84 Components

For a full list of the components including brackets, clips and carrier options, please see our brochure.

Download The Series 84 – Dooya Motorised Product Catalogue (PDF)

Download The Oslo QLD Motorised Brochure (PDF)

Download The Series 81 & 84 Remote Programming Instructions (PDF)