Alison - 100% Cotton Sheer Fabrics - LUXWORLD
Alison - 100% Cotton Sheer Fabrics - LUXWORLD
Alison - 100% Cotton Sheer Fabrics - LUXWORLD
Alison - 100% Cotton Sheer Fabrics - LUXWORLD
Alison - 100% Cotton Sheer Fabrics - LUXWORLD
Alison - 100% Cotton Sheer Fabrics - LUXWORLD

Alison - 100% Cotton Sheer Fabrics

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Introducing Our Tailored Semi-Transparent Sheer Curtains: Elevate Your Space with Timeless Elegance!

Discover the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our custom-made semi-transparent sheer curtains. Crafted with precision, these curtains add sophistication to your living room or bedroom.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored Elegance: Our curtains are custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit that complements your unique style.

  2. Semi Transparent Fabric: Enjoy the perfect combination of natural light and privacy with this semi-transparent fabric. Enjoy a subtle diffusion of light with the assurance of staying out of prying eyes.

  3. S Wave Fold Pleats: Meticulous craftsmanship and modern design meet in the S Wave Fold Pleats, ensuring the fabric falls gracefully for a polished look.

  4. Natural Cotton Comfort: Made from 100% pure cotton, these curtains bring a natural, breathable quality to your home.

  5. Perfect for Privacy: Semi-transparent sheer curtains offer an ideal solution for privacy without compromising on elegance.


How to Measure:

Achieving the perfect fit for your custom-made semi-transparent sheer curtains is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to measure your windows accurately:


  • Measure the width of your window from one outer edge to the other.
  • For a fuller look, add extra width on each side.
  • If you desire a clear view of the window when the curtains are drawn, add an additional 30% of the track length.


  • Measure the length from the top of the curtain rod to your desired endpoint.
  • Decide whether you want the curtains to sit 10mm above the floor for a subtle hover or extend all the way to touch the floor.


How to Order:

Enjoy our straightforward ordering experience, ensuring your curtains fit seamlessly with your decor.

  • Measure Windows: Input measurements into our calculator to determine the window track's width and desired height.

  • Customize Pleats: Customize your drapery using fashionable pleat styles like S Wave Fold or classic pinch pleats.

  • Review & Add to Cart: Ensure your selections are accurate and effortlessly add your personalized curtains to your shopping cart.

  • Checkout securely: Ensure the completion of your order by providing the necessary shipping and payment information.

  • Confirmation Email: Receive a comprehensive confirmation email for added assurance.

Once your order is confirmed, our team will commence production and arrange for delivery to your abode within a span of four to six weeks.